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Wedding Thank You Cards

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Wedding Thank You Card WordingAfter receiving a gift or any kind of service, it’s polite to thank to the person (or persons) who offered you that gift. The simple fact that someone attended your wedding ceremony or reception is actually an important gift, which deserves a wedding thank you. Wording for such a special letter (i.e. card) must be created taking into account some useful tips which will be presented in this article. By reading the sections of this post you will also discover the things that you achieve by sending such important thanking letters (more precisely, this post reveals you not only helpful tips on this subject, but also the biggest advantages of dispatching these short letters of gratitude).

Benefits of Sending Wedding Thank You Notes

Although, when I began to write this article, I intended to begin with the interesting tips, I think that it is better to present, first of all, the benefits of sending wedding thank you cards. Wording for these cards is very important, of course, but knowing what you gain by dispatching them is necessary for being highly motivated to compose and send them.

The most important advantage of this act of gratitude is represented by the fact that the persons who will receive the thanking letters will be pleasantly impressed by this act. The direct positive consequences of this good impression are the following. First and foremost, these short messages will nurture your (and your family’s) relationship with these persons (i.e. the recipients of the wedding thank you notes). Secondly, these receivers will be motivated to join you and your family to other special events, like the ones dedicated to the future children of your new family (that is the one you found with your new spouse).

The third favorable consequence of the positive state that you create to the recipients is that they will form a good impression about you and about your family. This is actually the second essential advantage (which refers, first of all, to you, your life partner and the two families from which you come) of sending a (general) wedding thank you wording to each of these special recipients. Obviously, when you think to the advantages of this act of gratitude, and especially when you prepare to compose and send these thanking letters, you must know very well who are the persons that are (or, more precisely, should be) the primary beneficiaries of this special act.

Recipients of the Wedding Thank You Cards

The addressees of these letters of gratitude fall into three main categories. On the one hand, there are the persons who attended your wedding ceremony or reception, by positively answering to the organizers’ (i.e. your parents’ or your spouse’s parents’) invitation. A wedding gift thank you wording must be considered for each person (or couple) that couldn’t come to your wedding, but sent you a present. It’s advisable to compose different versions for the individuals (or couples) who offered you gifts; more precisely, the text of the message sent to the wedding guests that offered presents to you and to your life partner ought to differ from the text of the message that you will dispatch to the persons that sent you gifts, without being able to attend the reception.

The third category of addressees of a wedding thank you card (wording for the cards for this group of people must also be unique) is represented by the persons who helped to organizing the special event whose main purpose was to celebrate your wedding.

Tips for the Wedding Thank You Card Wording

After presenting the main classes of recipients, it’s important to mention that the content of these letters should also differ for various subcategories of addressees. For example, the text for your closest friends, just like the one for the members of your family, should be warmer and more affectionate than the wedding thank you card wording of the letters that you send to your work colleagues. Another essential remark refers to the ideas that you ought to include in such a message of gratitude: you should mention the gift that you received from that addressee and also how you used it.